[linux-lvm] Very slow i/o after snapshotting

Micky mickylmartin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 15:35:09 UTC 2013

> You could still try to allocate the snapshot on another HDD if possible to
> see if HDD seektime may be the issue. Still the performance should not be
> degraded that drastically.

How does that work?
lvcreate -n name -L size VG pv ?

> What does the `lsblk -t` say? Could be an alignment issue.

0 through 31

> What's `free` saying about the free memory and cache? (dmeventd on 6.4 is
> trying to lock a large chunk of address space in RAM (~100M)

Cached mem looks good.
Dmeventd. Right. It is. Isn't it spawed everytime an LV is created?
root      6813  0.0  1.4 197056 11044 ?        S<s  May26   2:44 /sbin/dmeventd

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