[linux-lvm] LVM high availability

Huiba Li magazine.lihuiba at 163.com
Thu Jun 27 03:19:32 UTC 2013

Is there a release schedule? I' looking forward to this feathure.

Zdenek Kabelac <zkabelac at redhat.com>写到:
>Dne 23.6.2013 16:32, lihuiba napsal(a):
>>>>> 3) how about thin pool and volumes?
>>>Thin-pool may be active on single-node only. In cluster only
>>>activation is allowed and can not be activated elsewhere even
>>>It should work fine without cluster locking while read-only
>>>except you can not enforce read-only on the pool. (There is a bug for
>>>Attempting to write to pool active elsewhere, may render the pool's
>>>corrupted on other nodes. So when writing to pool, you should at
>>>deactivate the pool and all thin volumes on all other nodes, and
>>>reactivate afterwards.
>> I don't think out why thin volumes can not be active on multiple
>nodes even read-only.
>> It is intuitive that activating thin volumes in read-only mode will
>neither change it's own
>> meta-data nor the pool's.
>> If I "force" the thin volumes to be active by, for example, changing
>the source code,
>> what errors will occur?
>lvm2 code currently doesn't support activation of all thin pool related
>LVs in 
>read-only mode - there is some work being done in this area - but still
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