[linux-lvm] vg disappeared after replacing disc in raid10

Stuart D Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Thu Mar 28 18:22:19 UTC 2013

On 03/27/2013 07:39 PM, Björn Nadrowski expounded in part:
> I recovered my data.
> Thanks for all your help.
> The problem was in fact knoppix, but not because it had an older 
> version of lvm2 or even lvm1.
> The problem was that the human-readable part I extracted from the 
> beginning of the device contained invisible characters in front of the
> 'vol0' label in the file 'volt.txt' .
> These characters were not visible in terminal using 'cat', 'more', and 
> they also did not appear in standard error as a consequence of the 
> 'vgcfgrestore' command, as witnessed by the first line of the error:
And we owe some pizzas/beers/rawjuicedrinks to the LVM designer who 
insisted on human readable metadata.  It has been invaluable in many 
data recovery scenarios.
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