[linux-lvm] [maybe off-topic] which software project for a aix disk partition scanner for linux

Philippe De Muyter phdm at macq.eu
Wed May 15 19:48:33 UTC 2013


After having looked after a AIX LVM logical volume discovery tool and a
AIX JFS file system driver for linux, I have written both myself (for
read-only access only). I plan to submit the jfs driver (which I currently
have called jfsv3) to lkml, but the partition scanner does not fit well
in block/partitions, which supports only contiguous partitions. Similarly
kpartx (part of multipath-tools) does seem to have the same limitations.

I am currently able to produce a table for input of dmsetup, but dmsetup
is a generic tool that does not support any particular partition layout.

I would like to get some suggestions of existing software projects where
my code would fit well.

Thanks in advance


Philippe De Muyter +32 2 6101532 Macq SA rue de l'Aeronef 2 B-1140 Bruxelles

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