[linux-lvm] maximum length of logical volume name

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Wed Nov 6 15:46:21 UTC 2013

Dne 6.11.2013 16:04, Thanos Makatos napsal(a):
> It seems that the maximum name length of a logical volume is 127 bytes (discovered by trial and error). Just to make sure we're using the correct value, is this value documented somewhere? Is it possible to retrieve it at run-time?
> --

Hmm it's not documented in manpages - but there are some header file defines:

lvm-string.h NAME_LEN and dm-ioctl.h DM_NAME_LEN being 128char with '\0' included.

other limits are in  'man lvm'  VALID NAMES sections.

There are no plans to change this hardcoded settings - thus no reason to put 
in run-time function to obtain its value.

I guess the size for lvm name is also limited by vgname size - since together 
with '-' it cannot be longer then 127 chars (max dm device name size)


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