[linux-lvm] pvs complains of missing PVs that are not missing

Joe Harvell joe.harvell at tekcomms.com
Thu Oct 10 15:04:10 UTC 2013

Le 09/10/2013 18:30, matthew patton a écrit :
>> So I should set 'obtain_device_list_from_udev' to 0, then pvscan, vgscan
>> and lvscan?
> worth a shot. have you confirmed that udev has all the basic disk devices created?
I tried that to no avail.  Yes, all the block devices were present in 
/dev, both for the raw partitions and the RAID ones.

Does anyone know the algorithm LVM uses to determine whether PVs are 
present?  Also, I'd really like an LVM tool that reads the PV label off 
of a PV and displays it...I want to see what UUID label is actually on 
each PV.

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