[linux-lvm] Question before merging snapshot

Ron Schneider news-io-dx32 at spamfilter.de
Mon Sep 2 20:21:14 UTC 2013

Hi all,


I have a volume A that contains production data.
For an experiment I created volume a' from A using
the snapshot function.
I then used a' for my experiment, which went very well.

Now I want to merge snapshot a' back into A. I have read that the merge
will effectively make A to be what a' was before, then a' will
disappear. However, all examples that I found on the net referred to
making snapshot a' then making changes to the origin A and finally using
--merge to revert A back to a'.
In my case though, I used the snapshot a' for writing instead of origin
A. I just want you to confirm that --merge will function the same way
nevertheless, thus making the modified content of a' appear in the
origin LV A.
Of course I will backup everything before the merge but I'd like to save
myself unnecessary recovery cycles so I thought I'd just ask the pros
beforehand - just to be sure.

kind regards,

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