[linux-lvm] pvmove: Physical Volume "/dev/sdc1" not found in Volume Group + minor bug

Linda A. Walsh lvm at tlinx.org
Thu Aug 7 19:06:04 UTC 2014

I'm trying to move an LV from one VG on 1 PV to another VG on another PV,
but it doesn't seem to like my syntax. Isn't it: " -n LV FROMPV TOPV"

>  sudo pvmove -n Win /dev/sda1 /dev/sdc1
  Physical Volume "/dev/sdc1" not found in Volume Group "HnS"

Pertinent details:
>  lvs  #(From volume in HnS)
  LV                       VG      Attr      LSize  
  Sys                      HnS     -wc-a----  96.00g

>  pvs  #(from VG HnS on PV /dev/sda1, destination PV = /dev/sdc1
  PV         VG      Fmt  Attr PSize  PFree
  /dev/sda1  HnS     lvm2 a--  21.83t 10.20t
  /dev/sdc1  Data    lvm2 a--  43.66t 39.46t

Before I got to that point:
>  sudo pvmove -n Win /dev/sda1 /dev/sdc1
  Required device-mapper target(s) not detected in your kernel
(for some reason kernel module isn't auto-loaded???  (the minor bug..))
>  sudo modprobe dm-mirror

-- Don't know if any other modules are needed?  I have:
>  ls -d  /sys/module/dm*
/sys/module/dm_bufio/  /sys/module/dm_mirror/  /sys/module/dm_region_hash/
/sys/module/dm_log/    /sys/module/dm_mod/     /sys/module/dm_snapshot/
Available (not loaded):
>  sudo modprobe dm-<COMPLETE>
dm-bio-prison       dm-raid             dm-zero
dm-persistent-data  dm-thin-pool

I'm assuming I only needed the dm-mirror so it could do the
mirroring?  What syntax should I be using?


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