[linux-lvm] vgmerge: "your closed volumes are still active"...why?

Linda A. Walsh lvm at tlinx.org
Fri Aug 8 17:58:15 UTC 2014

emmanuel segura wrote:
> first merg the two vgs using vgmerge command
thanks...urk....ok.. long way around...(want to move a house from one 
city to another,
but first must merge cities, then logical-house-move from one side of 
the city
to the other; then un-annex the old-part of the city)...;-/

Um... trying the merge, I get:

>  sudo vgmerge  -v Data HnS 
    Checking for volume group "Data"
    Checking for volume group "HnS"
  Logical volumes in "HnS" must be inactive

>lvs|grep HnS
  Media_Back               HnS     -wi-a----   8.00t
  Sys                      HnS     -wc-a----  96.00g
  Sysboot                  HnS     -wc-a----   4.00g
  Sysvar                   HnS     -wc-a----  28.00g
  Win                      HnS     -wi-a----   1.00t
  oHome                    HnS     -wi-a----   1.00t

I guess they are active.  But if they aren't open, what are they
doing?  And how do I make them inactive (I have a feeling this is
at the root of why lvremove never works without "-f" as well).


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