[linux-lvm] vgmerge & move... done, not bad

Linda A. Walsh lvm at tlinx.org
Sat Aug 9 16:56:59 UTC 2014

emmanuel segura wrote:
> vgchange -an HnS
When it is usable, it's pretty darn fast... average between 400-500MB/s --
will have to setup a test case to see how fast 'dd' would be.

For comparison using xfsdump/restore on a 7T partition
averaged 216MB/s

(Note, using binary prefixes w/binary units (B=2^3), no
misleading confusion of decimal prefixes on binary units as
comes of 'dd' in this case)

Would be "nicer" if I didn't have to do the vgmerge first
and could do a direct move from oldVG/oldLV => newVG/newLV
(Maintaining assumptions of same-sized allocation units).

Is that planned or is there some technical reason why that
wouldn't be desirable?

Thanks for assist and someone clarifying that
"active" might be better viewed as "available".


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