[linux-lvm] Doc or definition of max_archives setting for lvm.conf?

Gary Eheman eheman at funsoft.com
Tue Feb 11 16:00:43 UTC 2014

There is an example syntax reference to a variable named "max_archives" in the man 
page for lvm.conf, but it does not provide a definition for the variable.  The actual 
lvm.conf on my distribution contains no references or comments to enlighten me on the 
specifics for max_archives.  While the variable name certainly gives me the clue that 
it is likely that not more than that many archive files would exist in the archive 
directory, can someone provide a more detailed description?

Since I can make no assumptions on this system, is it the case that if the 
max_archives specified in lvm.conf is reached that the oldest archive is 
automatically deleted as the newest one is created?

I have a lot of snapshot activity on the system where I want to implement 
max_archives, and the number of archives keeps growing.  Naturally, I have not yet 
reached the retain_days number of days, but would like to keep the number of archives 
below a reasonable number before retain_days might be reached.
Gary Eheman
Fundamental Software, Inc.

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