[linux-lvm] LV mirror extents on same physical device

Julie Ashworth ashworth at berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 24 03:20:14 UTC 2014

On 23-02-2014 20.59 -0500, John Stoffel wrote:
> I think the problem is that you're confusing the Mirroring done at the
> MD level, which is /dev/md#, and then the mirroring at the LVM level,
> which is stacked on top of MD.  So there's no need to mirror at both
> levels.  But let's double check your setup, so can you please reply
> with the output of the following commands:

I'm not confused about mdadm vs. LVM mirror. I regret mentioning mdadm, since it seems to be confusing everyone. I should have only asked why the lvconvert command produced extents on the same physical device. At this point, I will just go ahead and test if
lvconvert -m0 /dev/VolGroup00/rootlv /dev/md1
will produce a functional linear volume on /dev/md2


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