[linux-lvm] LV mirror extents on same physical device

Roger Heflin rogerheflin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 03:29:10 UTC 2014

This indicates that it "worked" that way on some versions rhel5 but
does not work that way on rhel6 in a number of versions.


I would suspect depending on exactly what version you are using that
it is a bug.

I know up to at least 5.7 there are some bad LVM bugs when you are
doing abnormal things (mirroring, pvmoves with lv with multiple
extents), there are probably other bugs I don't know about.

I would suggest unmirroring it, and just doing a straight pvmove to
the new device, mirroring it in the middle would just appear to
complicate things.

On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 9:13 PM, Julie Ashworth <ashworth at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> On 23-02-2014 20.16 -0600, Roger Heflin wrote:
>> If I am reading what I can find correctly - -alloc=anywhere defeats
>> the mirror code from attempting to put on 2 different physical
>> devices.
> ---end quoted text---
> -alloc=anywhere just refers to the logs, which isn't important at this point.
> best,
> Julie
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