[linux-lvm] Question re: deleting an LV...

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Mon Jan 6 12:59:10 UTC 2014

On 2013-12-30 8:03 AM, Tanstaafl <tanstaafl at libertytrek.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> Due to a misunderstanding about how LVM snapshots work when I set up
> this system, I now need to delete an LV I had created to use for this
> purpose (I thought I had to pre-create the LV).
> Currently I have:
>   # lvscan
>    ACTIVE            '/dev/vg/tmp' [5.00 GiB] inherit
>    ACTIVE            '/dev/vg/log' [5.00 GiB] inherit
>    ACTIVE            '/dev/vg/vtmp' [5.00 GiB] inherit
>    ACTIVE            '/dev/vg/var' [700.00 GiB] inherit
>    ACTIVE            '/dev/vg/snaps' [4.00 GiB] inherit
> I just need to delete the /dev/vg/snaps LV, so that that 4GB is
> available for my LVM snapshots.
> Am I correct that all I have to do is:
> # umount /dev/vg/snaps
> # lvremove /dev/vg/snaps
> Then remove this line from fstab?
> This would then result in my VG having 4GB available for taking LVM
> snapshots?

Would appreciate a confirmation that I don't have to do anything else to 
totally eliminate the snaps LV...

I unmounted it, and commented that line in fstab. lvscan still shows the 
same as above, but lvs shows the snaps with a slightly different attribute:

  # lvs
   LV    VG   Attr       LSize
   log   vg   -wi-ao----   5.00g
   snaps vg   -wi-a-----   4.00g
   tmp   vg   -wi-ao----   5.00g
   var   vg   -wi-ao---- 700.00g
   vtmp  vg   -wi-ao----   5.00g

So again - is lvremove /dev/vg/snaps the correct way - and the only 
thing I need to do - to remove that LV as if it had never been created?


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