[linux-lvm] Thin provisioned LV + raid5?

Vasil Valchev vasil.val at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 21:26:43 UTC 2014


I want to create a thin pool that will be used for storing virtual machines
(inside separate thin volumes).
The thing is I can't find if that thin pool can be at the same time --type
raid5 (or similar) at the same time?

Would something like this be possible:

lvcreate -T virtvg/virtpool -L 500G --type raid5

Or maybe the whole approach is wrong?
What I want to do in the end is a thin pool/volumes that are replicated in
some way - ideally raid5, if not - mirrored.

Is this implemented and supported in LVM, or is hardware raid recommended
to handle the redundancy in thin provisioned storage?

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