[linux-lvm] How do I remove a locked Logical Volume ([pvmove0]) left over after a disk error?

Derek Dongray derek at inverchapel.me.uk
Thu Mar 27 11:32:14 UTC 2014

Following some disk errors while I was moving some extents, I now have a
hidden locked [pvmove0] which doesn't seem to have any physical extents
assigned, although it is shown as 4Mb long.

    # lvs -a -o+seg_pe_ranges a/pvmove0
      LV        VG   Attr       LSize Pool Origin Data%  Move Log Cpy%Sync
Convert PE Ranges
      [pvmove0] a    vwC---v--- 4.00m

The simple 'lvremove a/pvmove0' (optionally with '--force') results in the
message 'Can't remove locked LV pvmove0'.

'pvmove --abort' does nothing. The presence of this volume doesn't seem to
affect other moves (which simply use [pvmove1]).

In the config, the LV shows:

                pvmove0 {
                        id = "54veYD-hM8r-j214-MOD1-FGnV-3g7t-jRlZ7W"
                        status = ["READ", "WRITE", "LOCKED"]
                        flags = []
                        creation_host = "zotac"
                        creation_time = 1394764593      # 2014-03-14
02:36:33 +0000
                        allocation_policy = "contiguous"
                        segment_count = 1

                        segment1 {
                                start_extent = 0
                                extent_count = 1        # 4 Megabytes

                                type = "error"

I noticed there's no physical volume associate with the LV although the
extent count of 1 explains why it's reported as 4Mb in size.

I suspect that the only fix is to manually edit the config file to remove
the offending LV and then use `vgcfgrestore` (or possible simply edit the
config file from a rescue system) but would assume that I'm not the only
person to have this problem and would think there's a series of (possibly
undocumented) commands to clean this up.

[FYI: the 'disk errors' were the almost simultaneous failure of 2 out of 3
disks in a RAID array; fortunately one the drives only had a few bad blocks
so I was able to recover all but a few megabytes of a 500Gb volume using

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