[linux-lvm] How do I remove a locked Logical Volume ([pvmove0]) left over after a disk error?

Derek Dongray derek at inverchapel.me.uk
Sat Mar 29 12:02:32 UTC 2014

> pvmove --abort has to work - unless you have some ancient version of lvm2 tools?

The first thing I tried, several times, including with '--force', no
effect. The fact that the system allows move on the same LV I was
trying to move when it failed would inidicate that it's not in a state
where a pvmove is considered to be in progress.

> What's the vresion in use ?

# lvm version
  LVM version:     2.02.104(2) (2013-11-13)
  Library version: 1.02.83 (2013-11-13)
  Driver version:  4.26.0

It the current Debian testing version. Kernel 3.12-1-686-pae.

> (You could always hack your lvm2 metadata in 'vi' - if you know what you
> are doing...)

I'm beginning to think that's the only way to get rid of it. Of course, the
other solution is to simply ignore it as it doesn't seem to cause any


On 27 March 2014 11:32, Derek Dongray <derek at inverchapel.me.uk> wrote:

> Following some disk errors while I was moving some extents, I now have a
> hidden locked [pvmove0] which doesn't seem to have any physical extents
> assigned, although it is shown as 4Mb long.
>     # lvs -a -o+seg_pe_ranges a/pvmove0
>       LV        VG   Attr       LSize Pool Origin Data%  Move Log Cpy%Sync
> Convert PE Ranges
>       [pvmove0] a    vwC---v--- 4.00m
> The simple 'lvremove a/pvmove0' (optionally with '--force') results in the
> message 'Can't remove locked LV pvmove0'.
> 'pvmove --abort' does nothing. The presence of this volume doesn't seem to
> affect other moves (which simply use [pvmove1]).
> In the config, the LV shows:
>                 pvmove0 {
>                         id = "54veYD-hM8r-j214-MOD1-FGnV-3g7t-jRlZ7W"
>                         status = ["READ", "WRITE", "LOCKED"]
>                         flags = []
>                         creation_host = "zotac"
>                         creation_time = 1394764593      # 2014-03-14
> 02:36:33 +0000
>                         allocation_policy = "contiguous"
>                         segment_count = 1
>                         segment1 {
>                                 start_extent = 0
>                                 extent_count = 1        # 4 Megabytes
>                                 type = "error"
>                         }
>                 }
> I noticed there's no physical volume associate with the LV although the
> extent count of 1 explains why it's reported as 4Mb in size.
> I suspect that the only fix is to manually edit the config file to remove
> the offending LV and then use `vgcfgrestore` (or possible simply edit the
> config file from a rescue system) but would assume that I'm not the only
> person to have this problem and would think there's a series of (possibly
> undocumented) commands to clean this up.
> [FYI: the 'disk errors' were the almost simultaneous failure of 2 out of 3
> disks in a RAID array; fortunately one the drives only had a few bad blocks
> so I was able to recover all but a few megabytes of a 500Gb volume using
> 'ddrescue']
> --
> Derek.

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