[linux-lvm] Volume group inconsistent

service hofman service.hofman at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 13 20:37:13 UTC 2015

Say something about yourself
would you like to do something,
 more for others.
are you able to help you,

the problem is not knowing.

but the time spent.
as to what should be excellent .

what you are doing nothing,
what you can do for others.
LVM is a good start.
but much remains to be done.
look on the transport speed ,
your hdd . what you are doing is pointless.

why ?
a transport speed of the system.
my to 6Gb/s copy file
hdd has 4Gb/s copy file

? check speed system and hdd.
and tell me that I could change

Now, ...
 Before you change anything,
See how it works. Do not test .
You have always help Adding sutfix --help
or use the performance
prefix man

And always cheak
/usr/share/doc/ and read all the book
Install every doc book

By test recovery Hdd is Not LVM
try not give to mount for system LVM,
Because you lost again ....

Install hdparm
hdparm -h --help.

Ask for speed.

Hdparm -Tt
Hdparm -iI

fdisk /dev/sdX

pvs -o pv_all,gv_all,lv_all,seg_all


+44 77 04 24 74 00

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