[linux-lvm] lvscan returns - WARNING: Unrecognised segment type thick

Roberto Fastec roberto.fastec at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 20:59:50 UTC 2015

Hello to all the list' members

I'm here writing because I've already seen the warning in subject, but
with last word "thin",

many LVs were inactive, no problem, in that case, installing the
needed thin provisioning module, was fixing the issue, and the needed
LVs got activated.

But here I have a never seen before last word "thick", so
WARNING: Unrecognized segment type thick
so no way to activate an inactive LV. At the begin lvscan was
returning both the warnings
WARNING: Unrecognized segment type thin
WARNING: Unrecognized segment type thick

I've installed as usual the thin provisioning module and all but one
the LVs got active... except but one ( needed one , obviously :-) ).

So the situation is
WARNING: Unrecognized segment type thick

and only one LV inactive, need to activate it

So... what to do?

Do you know about this?‎ Looks like that logical volume can't be
activated because of that thick warning.

Also they are totally missing some VGs and LVs on this storage and so,
thank you if you can link a safe procedure to try to restore a
slightly corrupted LVM2. Is there any sort of fsck like procedure that
could scan LVM2 metadata and try to pull out/restore as many VGs and
LVs as possible?
Thank you for any appreciated link

Thank you in advance for any hint


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