[linux-lvm] Request for Feature: Disk space usage by a LVM snapshot

shankha shankhabanerjee at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 16:47:04 UTC 2015


Goal: We are trying to calculate actual disk usage of  LVM Snapshots
created from a thin logical volume.

Currently we use thin_dump to dump metadata information of all the LVM
snapshots and logical volumes.

Check what are the blocks unique to the snapshot and that gives you
the size of the snapshot.

The problem is while one is dumping data on the snapshot the metadata
information which you get from thin dump is incorrect. That is what I noticed.
Sometimes the tool will fail and it will ask you to repair your lvm metadata.

Is there a way we can have a separate tool which will give us the disk
usage of a LVM Snapshot.

Thanks for all your help.

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