[linux-lvm] No way to waive "WARNING: Sum of all thin volumes sizes ..." concern, causes need to script around this?

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Mon Apr 25 13:27:07 UTC 2016

Mark Mielke schreef op 23-04-2016 22:23:

> Thoughts?

Noticed it too. It didn't use to happen like a year ago. Personally 
myself I don't know the use case of non-overprovisioning. It seems to me 
that that is what thin is for; however, perhaps another important use 
case is easy snapshot creation to begin with.

Just stating that personally I was a little incredulous at the warning 
because it seemed and seems to me that that is what thin is for: 

The whole idea is having extents that can go in either direction, right.

Well, just my 2 cents. Nothing against that option though.

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