[linux-lvm] about the lying nature of thin

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 15:45:31 UTC 2016

> ~35GB each, meaning 35000 GB is available and 25000 is 
> in use, then it is not a lie to say to any individual customer: you can 
> use 50GB if you want.

If enough of your so-called customers decide to use the space you promised them AND THAT THEY PAID FOR and instead they get massive data loss and outages, you can bet your hiney they'll sue you silly.

If you want to play fast and loose in your basement that's one thing -  Thin-away. If you try to pull a similar stunt in a commercial setting you either do your homework and put all necessary safeguards in place to prevent customer demand from overwhelming your cheap-sh*t corner cutting, or better have an attorney on retainer and budgeted for breach of contract settlements.

> hold, but that is never communicated.

Then you sir, will no doubt find yourself in front of a magistrate for no less than false representation. If the storage capacity you SOLD is not also explained in the terms of service that it doesn't really exist and that if they (or anyone they are unlucky enough to be co-located with) just so happen to write too fast to their storage that they may well lose their data.

> As a customer you are not aware of how many other clients there are, or
>  how many other thin volumes (ordinarily) or what the max capacity is  across all the
>  volumes. So you are not being lied to.

I strongly suggest you go take a class on contract law (since OS basics is apparently beyond your grasp) and familiarize yourself with your country's prison conditions. At the very least, go talk to an attorney and pay him a consultation fee.
As to the rest of your message, perhaps you'd get more insight and traction by doing your own blog to wax philosophical over cheating paying customers, engaging in data-losing computing practices, and being too cheap, lazy, or opinionated to run a responsible service. And for trotting out example after example of non-computer social conditions as if they had any relevance to the matter at hand.

Now if you have something useful to say/ask about LVM, please continue.

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