[linux-lvm] [PATCH] fix link to dmsetup.static when /sbin and /usr/sbin are not the same

Thomas Orgis thomas-forum at orgis.org
Sun Dec 4 11:50:40 UTC 2016


LVM2.2.02.168 (and earlier) has that in Makefile.in

install_dmsetup_dynamic: dmsetup
	$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -D $< $(sbindir)/$(<F)
	$(LN_S) -f $(<F) $(sbindir)/dmstats

install_dmsetup_static: dmsetup.static
	$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -D $< $(staticdir)/$(<F)
	$(LN_S) -f $(<F) $(sbindir)/dmstats

This results in

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14  4. Dez 12:33 /sbin/dmstats -> dmsetup.static

… while the target for that link is

-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 1252120  4. Dez 12:33 /usr/sbin/dmsetup.static

I suppose the second link command should create $(staticdir)/dmstats.
Regardless of whether your /sbin is a link to /usr/sbin or the other
way round, this seems more proper. I am not sure if we want to enforce
the link pointing always to the static binary if they end up in the
same directory.

Anyhow, I attached the trivial patch that avoids a broken symlink.

Alrighty then,

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