[linux-lvm] LVM filter ignored?

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Thu Dec 29 20:28:04 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I am using LVM for several years but now I face an issue where I have no
clue how to deal with.

I want to have a VG on top of a drbd device (Distributed Replicated
Block Device) which should not be an issue according to docs:

Unfortunately I am always getting "duplicate device" errors as LVM
recons a pv on /dev/sdb (underlying device for drbd) as well as on

Now I tried to configure filters to match my setup. But it seems I do
not understand the filter rules.

I need to enable /dev/sda incl. all partitions. (for root)
I need to disable /dev/sdb at all as it is the device for drbd!
I need to enable /dev/drbd0 as the "real" PV.
I can disable all others.

So I tried:
filter = [ "r|sdb.*/|","a|drbd0/|","a|.*/|" ]

Which results in the duplicate-issue:
[root at backuppc ~]# pvcreate /dev/drbd0
  Physical volume "/dev/drbd0" successfully created.
[root at backuppc ~]# pvscan --cache
  WARNING: PV eEpd0B-VaET-V2mH-9InB-pYab-P5Bp-hjfOhh on /dev/sdb was
already found on /dev/drbd0.
  WARNING: Disabling lvmetad cache which does not support duplicate PVs.
  WARNING: Not using lvmetad because duplicate PVs were found.

So anyone having an idea what is wrong with my filter config? As the
docs are very unclear about the exact syntax I did as well some other
versions but no one leads to the resul I want to have...

So what are correct filter rules?



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