[linux-lvm] Repair thin pool

Mars kirapangzi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 01:21:46 UTC 2016

Hi there,

We're using Centos 7.0 with lvm 2.02.105 and met a problem as underlying:
After a electricity powerdown in the datacenter room, thin provision
volumes came up with wrong states:

*[root at storage ~]# lvs -a*
*  dm_report_object: report function failed for field data_percent*
*  LV                              VG               Attr       LSize
Pool        Origin           Data%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert*
*  DailyBuild                      vgg145155121036c Vwi-d-tz--   5.00t
pool_nas                                     *
*  dat                             vgg145155121036c Vwi-d-tz--  10.00t
pool_nas                                         *
*  lvol0                           vgg145155121036c -wi-a-----
15.36g                                                              *
*  [lvol3_pmspare]                 vgg145155121036c ewi-------  15.27g*
*  market                          vgg145155121036c Vwi-d-tz--   3.00t
pool_nas                    *
*  pool_nas                        vgg145155121036c twi-a-tz--
14.90t                                0.00                          *
*  [pool_nas_tdata]                vgg145155121036c Twi-ao----
14.90t                                                              *
*  [pool_nas_tmeta]                vgg145155121036c ewi-ao----  15.27g

*  share                           vgg145155121036c Vwi-d-tz--  10.00t

 the thin pool "pool_nas" and general lv "lvol0" are active, but thin
provision volumes cannot be actived even with cmd "lvchange -ay

To recover it, we tried following ways refer to these mail conversations:
http://www.spinics.net/lists/lvm/msg22629.html and

1, USE: "lvconvert --repair vgg145155121036c/pool_nas"
output as below and thin volumes still cannot be active.
WARNING: If everything works, remove "vgg145155121036c/pool_nas_tmeta0".
WARNING: Use pvmove command to move "vgg145155121036c/pool_nas_tmeta" on
the best fitting PV.

2, USE manual repair steps:
2a: inactive thin pool.
2b: create a temp lv "metabak".
2c: swap the thin pool's metadata lv: "lvconvert --thinpool vgg145155121036
c/pool_nas --poolmetadata metabak -y", only with "-y" option can submit the
2d: active temp lv "metabak" and create another bigger lv "metabak1".
2e: repair metadata: "thin_restore -i /dev/vgg145155121036c/metabak-o /dev/
vgg145155121036c/metabak1", and got segment fault.

So, is there any other way to recover this or some steps we do wrong?

Thank you very much.
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