[linux-lvm] lvmcache performance

Mateusz Korniak mateusz-lists at ant.gliwice.pl
Tue Feb 9 09:39:24 UTC 2016

On Monday 08 February 2016 14:05:24 Nikolaus Rath wrote:
> Well, yes, but since in my case the cache is bigger than the origin,
> shouldn't eventually *everything* end-up in the cache?

IIRC you lowered *_promote_adjustment, but still full copy may be prevented by 
sequential_threshold setting.

And how many blocks you have in cache after boot? [1]
Is number rising every boot?
Can you verify cache settings? [2]

lvs -o+cache_total_blocks,cache_used_blocks,cache_dirty_blocks,

dmsetup status   VG-LV
lvs -o+cache_policy,cache_settings,chunksize VG/LV

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