[linux-lvm] Repair thin pool

M.H. Tsai mingnus at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 08:54:56 UTC 2016

2016-02-10 18:32 GMT+08:00 Joe Thornber <thornber at redhat.com>:
> Yep, I definitely want these for upstream.  Send me what you've got,
> whatever state it's in; I'll happily spend a couple of weeks tidying
> this.
> - Joe

The feature was completed & workable, but the code is based on v0.4.1.
I need some days to clean up & rebase. Please wait.

thin_ll_dump /dev/mapper/corrupted_tmeta [-o thin_ll_dump.xml]
thin_ll_restore -i edited_thin_ll_dump.xml -E
/dev/mapper/corrupted_tmeta -o /dev/mapper/fixed_tmeta

Ming-Hung Tsai

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