[linux-lvm] LVM problem after upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 (Part 2)

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Thu Jun 30 09:51:47 UTC 2016

Dne 30.6.2016 v 11:10 Scott Hazelhurst napsal(a):
> Dear all
> I sent the email below about three weeks ago. Today I upgraded another
> machine — I had exactly the same thing happen and I appear to have lost
> some LVM volumes
> Hmm. At least I  know it’s a problem and can backup the LVM volumes before
> doing upgrade but it’s hugely annoying.
> Scott
> Dear all
> I upgraded a server from Ubuntu 15.10 to 16.04. All went smoothly and the
> machine appeared in good state. However, there seems to be a problem with
> LVM. I have one volume group with several logical volumes. lvs showed all
> the logical volumes but only 2 of the 7 volumes were active (and appearing
> in /dev/mapper).
> I activated the other volumes using lvchange -ay and then I can see all
> logical volumes in /dev/mapper.


Upstream lvm2 has a bad message for you - your complains should be stricly
targeted to  Ubuntu/Debian lvm2 maintainers - so please open bug for them.

Solving booting sequence is very  'distro-specific' topic completely unrelated
to lvm2 -

as you say - when you manually use  'lvchange -ay' everything works - thus
your booting sequence missed to activate volumes....

> However, there appear to a problem with some of the LVs which are used as
> the images for virtual machines (qemu-kvm). The VMs don't boot. Moreover,
> previously I could mount the sub-partitions of the LV by doing a kpartx -a
> on the logical volume. That no longer works (e.g. kpartx -l
> /dev/mapper/cloud-VNAME shows nothing, while it used to show the 3
> partitions of the underlying virtual machine).

Again - likely distro-specific case.
kpartx has nothing in common with....

> One of the LVs didn't have a problem -- this just contained a data disk.
> This particular server is not a serious problem for me because  I can clone
> the VM from elsewhere, but I am about to start an upgrade of all our other
> machines and it will be very time-consuming if I have to do this with each
> machine.
> Does anyone have any ideas about what went wrong? How the situation could
> be remedied

Yep - untuned/untested release....



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