[linux-lvm] LVM but no real partitions

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri May 6 20:44:47 UTC 2016

Did people ever consider whether it was worth being able to start a PV 
on a raw physical device with a small offset to reserve room for a boot 

If you could create a PV on a bootdisk with a 2048 sector offset, you 
would have a bootable device without partition tables and only LVM.

The same applies to LUKS. If you could put the LUKS header at 2048 
sectors, you could boot a disk with nothing but a luks container, since 
grub2 understands LUKS.

I guess such a thing would be extremely easy to achieve, it just 
wouldn't be portable.

Since you may need to recompile both LUKS and Grub, and possibly even 

The total number of changes would probably not be more than 10 lines. 
Not sure.


Anyone ever fancied a LVM system without real partitions?

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