[linux-lvm] Unable to find device with UUID XXX.

Brian McCullough bdmc at bdmcc-us.com
Wed May 18 00:22:34 UTC 2016

I have an issue that I hope that the group can save me from.

I have found the Thin discussions interesting, but I am still doing the
Thick thing.

OK, I had a drive that started to cause problems, would not boot without
fsck, etc., and decided to replace it using pvmove.

I made myself a CD with SystemRescueCD ( sp? ) and booted the system
with that.

I attached the new drive to the system before I booted.  It had no PVs
on it, but a set of partitions ( GPT table ) ready to be assigned.

( skipping a couple of steps )

I ran pvmove for about half of the PVs on the drive that was failing,
sending them to the new drive.  All seemed to be well.

THEN, the data cable on the old drive ( USB 3 ) was disturbed, and
pvmove stopped, complaining that it couldn't see the drive.  OK, I can
fix this.  I plugged the cable back in, but things didn't seem to be any

I stopped the system, and rebooted.

I have rebooted several times, with not completely consistent results.

A couple of times it stopped when it said that it was loading the MD

When I seem to have got the system booted properly, I do a pvs and it
complains about missing UUIDs.

I did a "pvscan -u" and thought that I was seeing the UUIDs in the
bottom part of the display, after it had complained about the missing
ones, but I think that I was just seeing what it wanted to see, not what
it was actually finding.

At this point, I seem to be dead in the water, and can't resume the
pvmove process.

Can you guide me back to the light, and help me finish what I started to
do, so that I can get this machine back to work?

Thank you,

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