[linux-lvm] auto umount at thin meta 80%

Xen xen at dds.nl
Tue May 24 16:16:27 UTC 2016

Zdenek Kabelac schreef op 23-05-2016 10:40:

> At this moment -   any failure in  'lvresize' execution leads to
> immediate umount - tool went ballistic and so takes 'drastic' action
> to prevent further
> damage.

I was more worried about why a default sized (auto-created) meta volume 
would fill up almost completely after 3 hours of use.

> See here again:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/linux-lvm/2016-May/msg00064.html

That message is empty, there is nothing in it.

My computer automatically deletes it when messages such as these come 

It's just a failsafe against time wasting and all that.

Maybe LVM could learn from it, but then it deletes volumes maybe too :p.

Regards lol.

> ATM there is some new code which unconditionally always connects to 
> lvmetad
> even it's not necessary at all - and it's potential source of many 
> other
> troubles - so fixes here are in progress  -   set 'use_lvmetad=0'  if
> it's still a problem in your case.

Right. Well I haven't been able to use my cache again, the SSD seems 
faulty. But. I haven't utilized it to the same extent yet. But. It's now 
at about 17% of the original value (I mean what was 100% back then). 
It's just 4x the size. I can't have stuff like this happening you know. 
I just created it at 4x the default size. Maybe it will work for a 


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