[linux-lvm] pvmove related questions

Liron Aravot laravot at redhat.com
Sun Sep 4 12:42:37 UTC 2016

We started to work on adding support to RHV/oVirt to reduce a device
from a vg, I have a few related pvmove questions-

1. is there a plan to add support to pvmove --abort for a specific
device? i saw a related comment in the code but haven't found a BZ for

2. When there's no data to move on the source device, pvmove fails
with "No data to move" (rc = 5), if i want to check it myself prior to
the execution, is checking if pv_pe_count = pv_pe_alloc_count is

3. if pvmove is interrupted (by a machine reboot) - i'm left with a
temp pvmove lv with one active mirrored segment which is used by some
is it allowed to run pvmove on the temp pvmove lv device at this
point? does lvm knows to to handle that?


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