[linux-lvm] "lvmetad: Failed to accept connection" on poweroff

Сергей Процеров (Sergey Protserov) protserovsd at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 04:00:37 UTC 2016

Hello! I am using Debian Unstable, systemd, full-disk encryption and lvm 
(version 2.02.164). On poweroff that's what I see in journal:
сен 12 22:36:51 debian systemd[1]: Stopping LVM2 metadata daemon...
сен 12 22:36:51 debian lvmetad[332]: Failed to accept connection.
сен 12 22:36:51 debian systemd[1]: Stopped LVM2 metadata daemon.
Could you please tell me, if this error signalizes something bad, and if 
this error should be fixed? If it has to be fixed, then how can I do it? 
Thanks in advance.


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