[linux-lvm] Snapshot behavior on classic LVM vs ThinLVM

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Fri Apr 14 15:53:18 UTC 2017

Il 14-04-2017 17:23 Xen ha scritto:
> A thin snapshot won't be dropped. It is allocated with the same size
> as the origin volume and hence can never fill up.
> Only the pool itself can fill up but unless you have some monitoring
> software in place that can intervene in case of anomaly and kill the
> snapshot, your system will or may simply freeze and not drop anything.

Yeah, I understand that. In that sentence, I was speaking about classic 
LVM snapshot.

The dilemma is:
- classic LVM snapshots have low performance (but adequate for backup 
purpose) and, if growing too much, snapshot activation can be 
problematic (especially on boot);
- thin-snapshots have much better performance but does not always fail 
gracefully (ie: pool full).

For nightly backups, what you would pick between the two?

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