[linux-lvm] recursion in lvol prepared as physical partittion

Herman Rohenkohl H.Rohenkohl at hetnet.nl
Wed Aug 16 07:08:41 UTC 2017

1) create vg test
2) create lvol test/virtual_device
3) pvcreate test/virtual_device
4) (with trickery) install debian with VG's in virtual_device (that was 
the plan)
5) reboot system

On reboot dmsetup/lvm, ultimately will find the intended partition/lvm 
setup.If you wait long enough!. Credit to the guys who wrote this code 
as stack depth limit errors/warnings don't seem to break anything. 
However on a Ryzen 1700 system with only SSD's, only the call of nature 
for a pee, saved me from the misconception that a kernel lockup ocurred.

With virtualization, to prepare a bare metal boot in a disk-image should 
be a no brainer. What should it look like to boot 'hdimage containers' 
on bare metal:

vmlinuz ro root=WHATEVER hdimage=/dev/$(VGa)/$(virtual 
device),/dev/$(VGb)/$(virtual device) hdimage=$("hey kernel, register my 

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