[linux-lvm] LVM filter ignored?

knebb at knebb.de knebb at knebb.de
Mon Jan 2 19:20:54 UTC 2017


>> So I tried:
>> filter = [ "r|sdb.*/|","a|drbd0/|","a|.*/|" ]
> Just check the 'comment' for filters in lvm.conf -
> there is stated you should NOT mix  'r' & 'a' together
> (there is even no need for this in 99.9999%)
Well....it writes "be careful mixing" but in the examples mixing is
shown. Appeared not to be soooo important.

> - either use plain list of rejects  'r'
> - or set 'white-list' with all 'a'  finished with 'r .*'
> To to be exact in your case:
> Use just:    [ "r|/dev/sdb|" ]
I set this not as you recommended and indeed it appears to be working,
Thanks, even I do not have a clue what I did wrong as I remember I had
it this way. But I moght be wrong as it did not work as I configured it.

Thanks a lot, looks great now!


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