[linux-lvm] duplicate pv change uuid

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Jan 6 19:19:43 UTC 2017

David Teigland schreef op 06-01-2017 20:04:

>> How does one do this, again?
> vgimportclone is meant to do this.  It strategically uses filters to
> isolate and modify the intended devs.


I thought running it in the current situation would be enough.

For some reason I am not getting my own emails though. Basically I am 
not getting list emails, only direct replies atm.

So I will CC myself I guess.

   Found duplicate PV 3U9ac3Ah5lcZUf03Iwm0cgMMaKxdflg0: using /dev/sdb4 
not /dev/sdc4
   Using duplicate PV /dev/sdb4 without holders, replacing /dev/sdc4
   Volume group containing /dev/sdb4 has active logical volumes
   Physical volume /dev/sdb4 not changed
   0 physical volumes changed / 1 physical volume not changed

This was after running vgimportclone /dev/sdc4

It immediately replaces the one I target with the one I am using, (don't 
need to change, don't need) and then says it's active, duh.

I guess I'll just need to reboot a live DVD or actually OpenSUSE DVDs 
are faster.

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