[linux-lvm] inner VG inside chroot not visible inside chroot

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Sat Jan 7 06:51:27 UTC 2017

Xen schreef op 07-01-2017 1:48:

> Why does it not show the mounted LV in the "lvs" table and why does it
> not show the PV that IS visible in the "lvs" table in the output of
> "vgdisplay -v" ?

I am sorry.

I had followed Zdenek's advice at some point and had edited some config 
file to set filters.

It was no help at the time for whatever reason but I had forgotten I had 
set it and it had made it to the new system. At which point it caused 
the behaviour described above.

Being new to filters I could not imagine what was causing it ;-).

So much time lost again... and my filesystem is now messed up because of 
the way the old LVM (133) was constantly "exchanging" physical volumes.

The filesystem would enter read-only state but not before causing 
gigantic corruption.

Only to files opened or in use at the time (so mostly cache files etc) 
but still.

lost+found now contains 505 files/dirs on this disk.

And now I am left with the task of returning this filesystem to a proper 
state... it doesn't really get better, this life.

Sorry. Another problem to fix and no time for any of it.

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