[linux-lvm] Problem with mount QNAP disks in Linux

Marian Csontos mcsontos at redhat.com
Mon Jun 12 13:42:10 UTC 2017

On 06/01/2017 01:35 PM, Daniel Łaskowski wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying mount three disks from QNAP TS-469L in Linux (Fedora 25).
> System correctly recognised disks and RAID5, but I have problem with 
> activate LVM with data.


> $ sudo vgs
>    VG     #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize   VFree
>    vg1      1   4   0 wz--n-   5,44t    0

VFree 0 - that's bad...

> I tried to activate it with lvchange but there is message that manual 
> repair of vg1/tp1 is required:
> $ sudo lvchange -ay vg1/lv2
>    Check of pool vg1/tp1 failed (status:1). Manual repair required!
> I tried command lvconvert --repair vg1/tp1 with no success:
> $ sudo lvconvert --repair vg1/tp1
>    Using default stripesize 64,00 KiB.
>    Volume group "vg1" has insufficient free space (0 extents): 4096 
> required.

Repair needs some space to write new metadata, and the message says it 
all: there is no free space in the volume group.

Add more space to the volume group: vgextend vg1 DEVICE. You will either 
need to add a disk, or carve out some space out of other MD devices.

Or free some space in the VG: you can not shrink thin pool, so the only 
other option is, if the data on vg1/lv544 are not interesting or can be 
moved elsewhere, you could remove that and let repair use that space.

Also I noticed the size of logical volume lv1 alone is 5,42t (and with 
lv2 it is approximately 5,9t) while thin pool's is only 5,40t: that is 
not a good setup - it will eventually overfill (maybe it already did) 
and you will not be able to resize the pool any further to accommodate 
all data - with older kernels this was a serious problem and could lead 
to a file system corruption.

If that's what the NAS created for you, it should be reported to the 
manufacturer as well.

Once you can mount the volumes, I strongly recommend shrinking lv1.

-- Martian

> Please help howto repair/mount this LVM...

> Best Regards,
> Daniel
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