[linux-lvm] Sorry to ask here ...

Eric Ren zren at suse.com
Thu Mar 2 05:44:13 UTC 2017


On 02/24/2017 03:25 AM, Georges Giralt wrote:
> Hello !
> I'm sorry to ask for help here, but I'm lost in the middle of nowhere ...
> The context :
> A PC hardware with an UEFI "BIOS" set to legacy boot only.
> 3 disks with 2 partitions each. The 3 first partitions are set in software mirror (md0) 
> and used for /boot (Ext4) .The second 3 partitions are used as a software mirror and the 
> resulting md1 is the sole PV of a vg0 group onto which 8 logical volumes are set. This is 
> used to run Ubuntu 16.04.2 software (after many upgrades...).   *
> This setup has worked for years and seen changes in disk sizes, main board, etc...
> Lastly, I bet the cause is an upgrade of some packages, the machine refuses to boot. It 
> drops onto initramfs shell because the vg0 volume group is not activated. Launching lvm 
> and doing a vgchange -a y does the trick and the system boots fine afterwards.
> I've searched everything I can (but maybe the setup was so rock solid I became lazy or 
> unconscious) and tried to make again the initramfs with no luck.
> So every leads or advice would be greatly appreciated. Please, refrain to hit me hard on 
> the face. I'm already mourning....
> Many thanks in advance for your help !
> * : The 3 disks are here because at one time, long ago, I used mirroring in the LVM 
> software. ... I switched to software raid and kept the 3 disks as I had them into the box.
Looks very similar with these bugs:


You might be interested in having a try with this fix (attached):

This patch was originally discussed here - https://www.spinics.net/lists/raid/msg55182.html

But for some reason, it is not accepted by upstream:)

Hope it can help.



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