[linux-lvm] vgcreate failed when using iscsi + dm-multipath + lvm

Neutron Sharc neutronsharc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 22:40:56 UTC 2017

Thank you David!

I grabbed lvm2 src (git://sourceware.org/git/lvm2.git)  and build from
tag v2_02_168.  It seems the basic "./configure" doesn't include a lot
of components such as lvmetad.  What are the config options you would
recommend to use?  Thanks.


On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 7:04 AM, David Teigland <teigland at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 06:12:06PM -0700, Neutron Sharc wrote:
>> error 1:
>>  Physical volume '/dev/mapper/360000000557b690283509c3709c4fc0b' is
>> already in volume group 'vol8',
>>  Unable to add physical volume
>> '/dev/mapper/360000000557b690283509c3709c4fc0b' to volume group
>> 'vol14'.
>> error 2:
>>  Found duplicate PV W9rMQ0GuoNw9rnzK8x47OVEY044A2mgT: using
>> /dev/mapper/360000000a1d91e849f66dd53a61d8fa9
>>  not /dev/mapper/360000000e2ddd2a9380e9159902d9f73,  Using duplicate
>> PV /dev/mapper/360000000a1d91e849f66dd53a61d8fa9 without holders,
>> replacing /dev/mapper/360000000e2ddd2a9380e9159902d9f73,
>> error 3:
>> Can't open /dev/mapper/360000000e2ddd2a9380e9159902d9f73 exclusively.
>> Mounted filesystem?
>> Unable to add physical volume
>> '/dev/mapper/360000000e2ddd2a9380e9159902d9f73' to volume group
>> 'vol2'.
> Fairly common problem, lvm needs to see only the multipath device and not
> the components.  Make sure lvm.conf has multipath_component_detection
> enabled.  There was also a recent related fix:
>   lvmetad: use udev to ignore multipath components during scan

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