[linux-lvm] add_lockspace done -19

Moshe Lazarov Moshe.Lazarov at axxana.com
Thu Oct 12 18:30:24 UTC 2017


I am using the following script to create shared VGs using SANLOCK. However,
I keep getting an error when trying to add the lock space.




killall sanlock

/etc/init.d/sanlock stop

killall lvmetad


sleep 2

vgremove -ff --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 vglock


echo 'y' | pvremove -ff --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 /dev/sdb1

echo 'y' | pvremove -ff --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 /dev/sdc1

echo 'y' | pvremove -ff --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 /dev/sdb2



#The first vgcreate command needs to be given the path to a device that has
not yet been initialized with pvcreate. /dev/sdb2 is used for the lock and
should not be

#initialized with pvcreate.


#Lock VG & LV

vgcreate --verbose --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 vglock /dev/sdb2

lvcreate --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 -n locklv -L 10MB vglock


sanlock direct init -s lsgl:1:/dev/vglock/locklv:0



sleep 2

systemctl start sanlock

lvmlockd -g sanlock --host-id 1

sleep 2

systemctl status sanlock


sanlock client add_lockspace -s lsgl:1:/dev/vglock/locklv:0


pvcreate -ff --config global/use_lvmlockd=0 /dev/sdc1

vgcreate --verbose --shared vg1 /dev/sdc1 --lock-type sanlock

lvcreate -n slowlv -L 150G vg1 /dev/sdc1


Please advise.



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