[linux-lvm] raid10 to raid what? - convert

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 09:03:58 UTC 2017

On 16/10/17 22:16, John Stoffel wrote:
> lejeczek> I'm sroogling and reading but before spend whole day doing
> lejeczek> that, I was hoping you guys, gals, done conversion from
> lejeczek> raid10?
> Please post your configuration and explain what you're trying to do in
> more detail.
> lejeczek> I'm thinking best(natural?) would be to convert to two raid0
> lejeczek> LVs, right. Am I right? Would it be optimal, and how do you
> lejeczek> do it?
> You don't put LVs directly ontop of RAID0, you put them in VGs, which
> reside in PVs, which reside on disks or RAIDs, or iSCSI LUNs, etc.
> It sounds like you have two filesystems, each in their own LV.  You
> want to move them off a RAID10 (four disks, in two mirrored PAIRS,
> stripped across them is what I assume), because why?
> Give more details.  You do realize that while you will gain space, you
> will lose reliability with RAID0, if one disk fails, all your data is
> gone.
> John
no other raids but LVM's own.
not much in configuration, unless I misunderstand, question 
I'm posing is simple - is it possible to convert/split lvm 
raid10 LV into two raid0 LVs? (here one thing comes to mind: 
data stays intact?) Or raid10 LV to any other raid?

As I sroogled I saw there is "mirror spitting" but term 
raid10 does not appear in that context, or I failed to find it.

But man pages also mention, with regards to raid takeover:
        ·  between striped/raid0 and raid10.
So it sounds like possible(so no other raid levels but these 
two), only might be intricate process/procedure, which is 
not documented, or again, I failed to find it.

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