[linux-lvm] raid10 to raid what? - convert

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Wed Oct 18 05:36:02 UTC 2017

On 10/17/2017, 4:57:10 PM, Stuart D. Gathman <stuart at gathman.org> wrote:
> First off, raid10 is a linux specialty (I didn't know LVM supported it,
> thanks!),

Eh? Not sure what you mean by that, RAID10 is used by many hardware RAID
controllers, so is certainly not some kind of esoteric linux
'specialty', unless I misunderstood.

I've been using RAID10 exclusively for over 10 years ever since I
narrowly avoided a major catastrophe with RAID5.

> and is not the same as raid1+0 (raid1 on top of raid0).

Not according to everything I've ever read about it... for example:


> But this is not certain as raid10 works perfectly well with 2 or 3
> disks, including the redundancy.
You must be talking about something else... RAID10 requires at least 4
disks, and always an even number, although most RAID controllers support
the designation of at least one hot spare (so it will auto-rebuild using
the hot spare in the event of a failure). Been using this configuration
in my 5 drive QNAP NAS's for along time.

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