[linux-lvm] cache on SSD makes system unresponsive

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Oct 20 06:42:41 UTC 2017

John Stoffel schreef op 19-10-2017 23:14:

> And RHEL7.4/CentOS 7 is all based on kernel 3.14 (I think) with lots
> of RedHat specific backports.  So knowing the full details will only
> help us provide help to him.

Alright I missed that, sorry.

Still given that a Red Hat developer has stated awareness about the 
problem that means that other than the kernel it isn't likely that 
individual config is going to play a big role.

Also it is likely that anyone in the position to really help would 
already recognise the problems.

I just mean to say that it is going to need a developer and is not very 
likely that individual config is at fault.

Although a different kernel would see different behaviour, you're right 
about that, my apologies.

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