[linux-lvm] Reserve space for specific thin logical volumes

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Wed Sep 13 10:46:40 UTC 2017

Il 13-09-2017 10:44 Zdenek Kabelac ha scritto:
> Forcible remove (with some reasonable locking - so i.e. 2 processes
> are not playing with same device :)   'dmsetup remove --force' - is
> replacing
> existing device with 'error' target (with built-in noflush)
> Anyway - if you see a reproducible problem with forcible removal - it
> needs to be reported as this is a real bug then and BZ shall be
> opened...
> Regards
> Zdenek

Ok, I'll do some more test and in case problems arise I'll open the BZ 

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