[linux-lvm] Option to silence "WARNING: Sum of all thin volume sizes exceeds the size of thin pool"

Zdenek Kabelac zkabelac at redhat.com
Tue Sep 19 15:39:32 UTC 2017

Dne 19.9.2017 v 16:34 matthew patton napsal(a):
> LVM and thin in particular is not for noobies or novices. If they get burned then they deserve it for using a technology they didn't bother to study and learn 

Well it's not for novices ;) yet I believe  'lvm2' should not be an easy 
weapon for mass destruction for users data - we are then 'beaten' by rumors 
from the 'other side'

>"create succeeded". Create succeeded is indicated by a 0 return code. Anything else is just noise. If the user wants noise, then need to use the '-v|--verbose' flag.

lvcreate -q  is then likely  wanted  to be 'respected' as normally lvm2 tends 
to be a  bit  'conversational' command.

But I think  '-q'  should be respected and it's not  with this log_warn().

So I think  conversion to  log_print() level is possibly the goal here ??
(covering both side of stories).

Since as it's been said - we emit more lines per command even about successful 
'middle' steps.



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