[linux-lvm] Restoring snapshot gone bad

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Sep 22 08:30:15 UTC 2017

Mauricio Tavares schreef op 22-09-2017 8:03:
> I have a lv, vmzone/desktop that I use as drive for a kvm guest;
> nothing special here. I wanted to restore its snapshot so like I have
> done many times before I shut guest down and then
> lvconvert --merge vmzone/desktop_snap_20170921
>   Logical volume vmzone/desktop is used by another device.
>   Can't merge over open origin volume.
>   Merging of snapshot vmzone/desktop_snap_20170921 will occur on next 
> activation
>  of vmzone/desktop.
> What is it really trying to tell me? How to find out which other
> device is using it?

Other people will have better answers but I think it will be hard to see 
unless it is used by the device mapper for some target.

I hope there is a better answer.

But obviously the "o" means open volume (ie. mounted or something else) 
and that means that if you can't find a way to close it next time you 
boot the machine it will get merged?

I hope there is a good way to get your usage information (apart from 
something like "lsof").


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