[linux-lvm] PV not found

Giuseppe Vacanti giuseppe at vacanti.org
Sat Dec 15 17:59:51 UTC 2018


after a reboot after a maintenance power interruption of a few hours, one of my LVs is not coming back (Ubuntu 18.04). The situation I am at is the following:

- the physical disk is an iSCSI and it is seen by the kernel as /dev/sdc

- lvmdiskscan -v sees the PV on /dev/sdc
  /dev/sdc              [      72.76 TiB] LVM physical volume

- blkid returns the UUID that I can also find in the LVM configuration
 /dev/sdc: UUID="fvUXXf-pVOF-EPnn-c8eg-tZ5S-iMVW-wsSFDy" TYPE="LVM2_member"

- this entry lacks a PARTUUID entry that other LVs on the system have. Is this a clue? I could not quite connect this piece of info with anything.

- pvscan does not report /dev/sdc

- pvdisplay does not seem to know about this PV
  pvdisplay /dev/sdc
  Failed to find physical volume "/dev/sdc"

Reading man pages and searching the web does not really bring me closer to understanding what is happening. This machine has its OS on LVs and those have all come back, and of course it is not the first time that I reboot. Probably I lack the correct terms to describe the problem so that I can find a solution. Anybody here on this list who can point me in the right direction?

Regards, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Vacanti

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