[linux-lvm] Some questions about the upcoming LVM v2_02_178

Gang He ghe at suse.com
Wed Jun 13 02:14:17 UTC 2018

Hello Joe,

>>> On 2018/6/12 at 22:22, in message <20180612142219.ixpzqxqws3qiwqbm at reti>, Joe
Thornber <thornber at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 03:01:27AM -0600, Gang He wrote:
>> Hello List,
>> I saw there was a tag "v2_02_178-rc1" for LVM2, then I have some questions 
> about  the upcoming LVM v2_02_178.
>> 1) Will there be the version v2_02_178 for LVM2? since I saw some text about 
> Version 3.0.0 in the git change logs.
> Yes there will be.  We've had no bug reports for the -rc, so the final
> release will be the same as the -rc.
Between LVM2 v2_02_178-rc1 and  LVM2 v2_02_177, 
there will not be any components/features remove, except include some bug fixes, right?

Thanks a lot.

>> 2) For the next LVM2 version, which components will be affected? since I saw 
> that clvmd related code has been removed.
> We've decided to bump the version number to 3.0.0 for the release
> *after* 2.02.178.  This change in version number indicates the *start*
> of some large changes to lvm.
> Obviously the release notes for v3.0.0 will go into this more.  But,
> initially the most visible changes will be removal of a couple of
> features:
> clvmd
> -----
> The locking required to provide this feature was quite pervasive and
> was restricting the adding of new features (for instance, I'd like to
> be able to allocate from any LV not just PVs).  With Dave Teigland's
> lvmlockd I think the vast majority of use cases are covered.  Those
> that are wedded to clvmd can continue to use LVM2.02.*
> Also, testing cluster software is terribly expensive, we just don't
> have the resources to provide two solutions.
> lvmapi
> ------
> This library has been deprecated for a while in favour of the dbus api.
> - Joe
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